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    Need A New Wood Fence Built Or Want To Replace The One That Is Becoming A Hazard?

    Wood fences are by far the most common fence installed. The simple reason for this is due to its affordability and they just plain look nice. The great thing about wood fencing is that there are lots of options with wood. They can be the basic dog eared privacy fence, picket fences or custom fabricated wood panels. There are also some nice finishing touches that can be incorporated such as shadow boxes, solar powered post cap lights etc.

    As with all of the fencing we offer and install it call comes down to the purpose of the wood fence, how you want the fence to look and of course your budget.

    The most common wood fence we install is a standard 6 foot pressure treated dog ear fence. This is by far the most economical wood fence to install. These pressure treated fence pickets resist termites, rot and fungal decay. Another option for your wood fence would be cedar pickets which have the same properties of the pressure treated pine boards but resist termites, rot and decay naturally.

    Other options with wood fencing include how to stagger the fence boards, if you want to add a shadow box with lattice, height of the fence, mud boards and facing posts with a picket and finally whether or not you want post caps.

    We can also build custom wood fence panels for your home or business. If you really want to showcase your home with a custom wood fence vs. standard dog ear pickets we are the company you want talk to.

    And of course we also offer tear out and removal of your old fence should you want or need us to do that for you as well.  

    We also offer chain link fence, wire fencing, barbed wire fence, and wrought iron fencing.

    What ever your wood fencing needs are we can help. It does not matter if you live in Livingston, Willis, Cleveland, Huntsville, Huffman, Humble, Kingwood, Porter, Atoscita, Houston, Conroe or Magnolia Texas we service all of East Texas.

    Give us a call today at  for a free and fast bid if you want to work with a great fence company.  We look forward to hearing from you.